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Dr James McGettrick

Technology Transfer Fellow

James read his first degree in chemistry from the University of Durham. He also obtained a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Durham for his work on substrate independent surface modification by plasmachemical functionalisation for the tethering and patterning of biomolecules.

In 2005 he joined Tata Steel (then Corus) RD&T as a researcher in the Surface Science group. His core work here was the development of reel-to-reel (R2R) atmospheric pressure plasma functional coatings on both steel and organic-coated steel products. Another significant portion of his work was to apply advanced techniques such as depth profiling, surface chemical analysis or topography measurement to support the core production businesses.

He relocated to Tata Steel Colors in 2008 to join an integrated Tata-Dyesol project team working on the development of R2R building integrated dye sensitised solar cell products. While working on the pilot production facility there he gained a broad overview of the challenges involved in up-scaling complex products from a lab environment to the production line.

James was appointed as a Technology Transfer Fellow at SPECIFIC in March 2013, where he will expand his interest in next generation photovoltaics and in their scale-up towards industrial manufacture.

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Email: j.d.mcgettrick@swansea.ac.uk

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