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Dr Matthew Davies

Senior Lecturer

Matthew was appointed as Senior Lecturer on the Sêr Cymru Solar initiative in 2014. Matthew’s aim involves developing capabilities in the areas of photochemistry and PV device physics and stability through the development of a photochemistry and laser spectroscopy group at SPECIFIC.

Previously a SPECIFIC Technology Transfer Fellow in the research group of Dr Peter Holliman at the School of Chemistry, Bangor University. He is a co-inventor of a very successful method for the ultra-fast co-sensitization of DSCs. He joined the SPECIFIC team in 2011 helping to develop solid state and organometal halide perovskite based PV. Matthew graduated from the Chemistry Department in Swansea, having completed his MChem, in 2006. He then carried out his Ph.D studies between Swansea and the University of Coimbra, Portugal, supervised by Dr Peter Douglas (Swansea), Prof. Hugh Burrows (Coimbra) and Prof Maria Graça Miguel (Coimbra). During his time at Coimbra he gained experience of a very wide range of experimental techniques, mainly based in the area of photochemistry and photophysics.

Matthew has been fundraising for the charity “SOS Africa” for a number of years, and in 2013 organised a large-scale, ambitious, outreach project across South Africa with the aim to increase the popularity and understanding of chemistry.

Watch this video of the SPECIFIC supported research trip to South Africa

Contact Matthew

Email: m.l.davies@swansea.ac.uk

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