Blogging the Active Office Build!

By Joanna Clarke (Building Integration Manager at SPECIFIC) 12 January 2018

Day 1 - the digger arrives

Week 2:

15th - 19th January 2018 

Despite the bitterly cold weather, progress on site this week has been impressive. Site clearance works have been completed and existing drainage runs diverted to enable commencement of the substructure works. The first foundations are being poured today.

Back in the factory, the panel construction has been underway and progressing at a speedy pace!  All the floor panels have been completed and manufacture of the wall panels has begun.

We are happy to say that none of these works have impacted on use of the Active Classroom, in which teaching has taken place this week. On Thursday we welcomed the Welsh Government Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee, who are currently carrying out an inquiry to inform policy developments of “Low Carbon Housing: The Challenge; Welsh Housing Policy Consultation”, to the site.

Active office - Senedd AO - same angle


Week 1:

8th - 12th January 2018 

Diggers arrived on Monday 8th and, once the site was secured, started work to remove the earth mounds covering the site.  The first job was to carefully dig up the existing trees which lined the eastern border of the site and put these to one side for the University’s Grounds team to re-plant.  Some of these were successfully re-planted on the mound adjacent to the Active Classroom and some will be planted adjacent to Oracle 2, on new raised beds formed from some of the earthworks. The remainder of the earth was then transported to the other end of the University Campus, to be re-distributed, within the site, instead of transporting off-site

Week 1 - Active OfficeWeek 1 - Active Office


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