HOPV 2015 Rome

By Silvia Villarroya-Lidon 20 May 2015

We just came back from the HOPV15 conference in Rome. It has been a very pleasant experience. We enjoyed the beautiful ancient Rome with awesome food and nice company. It was also very stimulating to get to see some of my old friends of the PV community. HOPV is always a very friendly place with a very nice atmosphere. I spent my time at the conference between the Specific Stand, the lectures and the poster session. The lectures were mainly on perovskites and OPV.  However, we had still some lectures on DSC, which was nice to see as memorandum of the huge amount of work done in this area in the recent past. This year we also had some lectures on water splitting and fuel cells. It is impressive to see the fast progress of perovskites, exceeding efficiencies of 20%, and the great amount of people working on this area all over the world. In my opinion, it was a lack of more talks on manufacturing, scale up and stability which would have been of great interest for a wider audience.

Our Specific Stand was a great success and gave us the opportunity to show the great work that our guys are doing here at Specific, in addition to the awesome talks and posters that they gave. We had many visitors from different universities and institutions across the world and everybody was pretty impressed with our facilities and capabilities. It was also a good platform to raise our profile internationally and increase people’s awareness which culminated with the announcement of next year HOPV in Swansea. We are very excited about hosting HOPV at home next year and we have already discussed many ideas to make it an unforgettable event.


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