SPECIFIC in the media

7 November 2017

Welsh Secretary: Let’s turn Wales into an innovation nation

UK Government

1 November 2017

Government backs Swansea University’s energy positive buildings project

New Steel Construction

26 October 2017

Welsh Secretary: UK Government is investing in Swansea’s infrastructure for the long term

Invest in UK

26 October 2017

Swansea to build UK's first energy positive office

Construction Enquirer

20 September 2017

The Homes the Generate Energy

Inside Housing

10 August 2017

Solar and storage could save homes £600 each year, new report finds

Solar Power Portal

9 August 2017

Turning Homes into Power Stations Could Cut Household Fuel Bills by More Than 60%

R&D Magazine (USA)

9 August 2017

Report calls for homes to become mini power stations

The Engineer

9 August 2017

Video of interview with Andris - New home design will 'save consumers money'

BBC Wales News

9 August 2017

Energy-positive design 'could cut home fuel bills by 60%'

BBC Online

27 July 2017

The new housing development where your home will be a power station

Wales Online

18 July 2017

Plans for City Deal Housing Development Submitted to Neath Port Talbot Council

Business News Wales

17 July 2017

SPECIFIC’s Energy-Positive Active Classroom wins ‘Innovation Award’

Swansea University Press Office

19 April 2017

The UK’s future as an innovation powerhouse

Gov.uk blog post by Dr Ruth McKernan

10 March 2017

Research improves solar cell performance

Phys Org

30 January 2017

Connect 2 Cleanrooms builds solar cell research cleanroom at Swansea University

Cleanroom Technology

5 December 2016

SPECIFIC spin out company BIPVco wins Business Green Technology Awards

Business Green Technology Awards

21 November 2016

Buildings as a Power of Good

The Engineer

4 October 2016

The UK’s first energy positive classroom is switched on

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers

9 September 2016

The potting material in your garden that can heat your home

The Independent

9 September 2016

The building that could end the war over the office thermostat and abolish fuel poverty

The Independent

28 July 2016

Collaborate to Innovate: Shortlist announced

The Engineer

8 July 2016

A practical Post-Brexit Vision “From austerity to inclusive growth”

Peter Head, Eco-Sequestration Trust

20 June 2016

Swansea steel experts discover smarter, safer way to tackle corrosion

Wales Online

17 June 2016

Material and manufacturing process produces corrosion inhibitor “comparable to chromate”

The Engineer

2 May 2016

Perovskite Solar Cells Shine in the “Valley of the Sun”

ACS Energy Letters

14 March 2016

Letters - Buildings as Power Stations

Ingenia - Royal Academy of Engineering

1 March 2016

Port Talbot's Specific solar energy centre awarded £26m

BBC Online

4 January 2016

Above & Beyond

CIBSE Journal

3 November 2015

Rays of hope after feed-in tariffs

Construction Manager Magazine

16 July 2015

Britain's first energy positive house opens in Wales

The Guardian

16 July 2015

The house that doubles as a power station

Daily Mail

16 July 2015

‘Smart’ carbon positive energy house built in UK

Energy Voice

16 July 2015

UK's first 'carbon-positive' house built in Wales

E & T Magazine

12 June 2015

Researchers illuminate way to low cost solar energy

Advances Magazine

1 April 2015

New perovskite cells made in three seconds

Sustainable Engineer P14

18 March 2015

Swansea researchers illuminate the way to low cost solar energy

Solar + Power Management

1 January 2015

Where research meets industry

ABC+D Building Magazine


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