16 October 2014

BBC Radio Wales Science Café Explores Precious Metals

Molten metal in a ladle for casting

Adam Walton from the BBC Radio Wales Science Café takes a look at precious metals and how they have played an important role throughout history and are a major part of our everyday life.

Featured in the programme is an interview with Dr James Sullivan about his work on steel at Swansea University. Swansea University has a long standing relationship with studying materials science due to the local copper works and now the steel industry. Swansea University is ranked as one of the top ten in the UK for studying engineering. Dr Sullivan is director for the COATED project at Swansea and part of his work is finding new uses for steel by altering it to suit different purposes.

Adam also speaks to Dr Matt Carnie, part of the Sêr Solar research team based at SPECIFIC. Dr Carnie talks about his work on solar cells, from solid state dye sensitized solar cells to a new set of materials currently being researched called perovskites. The work with perovskites is leading to new applications of solar cells and results are already reaching promising efficiencies.

To listen to the programme and find out more about the integral part metal plays in our lives, please follow the link.

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