4 March 2015

Sêr Solar Lecture Series

Dr Ramón Tena-Zaera, Head of Nanomaterials Unit at IK4-CIDETEC will be giving the first lecture of the series on solution processing inorganic semiconductors and applications in the energy field. The lecture will take place on 12th March at Swansea University, Faraday Lecture Theater at 18h15. Organised by Dr Matt Davies and Dr Matt Carnie, the lecture series will welcome some excellent scientists from across the UK and Europe to Swansea to discuss their research with topics aligned with Sêr Solar and the work at SPECIFIC.

Solution-based approaches for thin film deposition are particularly desirable because of the low capital cost of the deposition equipment, relatively simplicity of the processes and potential compatibility with high-throughput (e.g. roll to roll) processing. In particular, the processing of inorganic and hybrid semiconductor materials by wet-chemistry approaches is nowadays attracting strong research and industrial interest in the energy field (e.g. conversion, storage and saving). In this seminar, an overview of the IK4-CIDETEC activities on the solution processed semiconductors will be given. The wet-chemistry deposition of a large family of ZnO nanostructures (i.e. nanowire arrays, nanocrystalline and nanoporous films) in different reaction media (e.g. aqueous, organic and ionic liquid) and their integration in different kind of solar cells (e.g. CIGS-based, dye-sensitized and bulk heterojunction organic solar cells) will be presented as a proof of the versatility of the solution processing. A special focus will be on the electrodeposition routes. A particular ionic liquid based electrodeposition approach for obtaining complementary (i.e. p-type) wide bandgap semiconductors such as NiO and its application in BHJ solar cells and Li-ion batteries will be also described. Additionally, recent results on the potential of the electrodeposition to obtain halogen-based semiconductors (i.e. PbI2 and CuI) and consequent possibilities in the emerging field of halide-based perovskite solar cells will be also discussed.  

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