Active Homes Neath

SPECIFIC has been working with Pobl Group and Neath Port Talbot Council on an exciting project to develop sixteen new innovative, eco-friendly homes. The project in Neath is set to become the first development of social housing to use these renewable technologies in the UK.

Renewable technology and energy efficient materials are integrated into the homes in order to actively reduce the impact of carbon emissions and fuel poverty. The Active Homes will have no gas supply – for water and space heating they will use TATA’s Steel Colorcoat Renew SC® in combination with Ariston’s air source heat pump. They will generate electricity via BIPVCo’s solar integrated roof and store excess energy in Tesla Powerwall batteries to be used later in the day. When less sun is available, the batteries can be charged overnight, which is cheaper than charging during the day. 

Project Partners: POBL Group and Neath Port Talbot Council

Technology Suppliers: Tata Steel, Ariston, BIPVCo, Tesla