Case Studies

Research Projects:

Solar Heat Storage

SPECIFIC is researching solar heat storage options to solve the biggest challenge in providing affordable low carbon energy: heating space and water.

Record efficiency for a printed thermoelectric material

SPECIFIC has manufactured a new 3-D printed thermoelectric device, which converts heat into electric power with an efficiency factor over 50% higher than the previous best for printed materials.

Projects with Business:

Smart Energy Monitoring in Buildings (Measurable Energy) have developed a platform to offer consumers real-time energy data so they can optimise their building performance. We provided valuable insight to help develop their products further…
active rail shelter

Proving the Concept: Active Rail Shelter (TfW)

SPECIFIC is working with Transport for Wales to design and test an active rail shelter – capable of generating enough energy to run essential services in a low carbon manner.
electric vehicles

Exploring Demand Side Response (FRED Project)

This collaborative project with Evergreen Smart Power, Tonik, myenergi and Energy System’s Catapult looks into the potential of using demand side response to charge EVs and reduce the stress on the grid at peak times.