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Enabling Building Energy Performance Data (Surfability UK)

Surfability are an adaptive surf school located in a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly building in Caswell, Swansea which incorporates several renewable energy technologies. They wanted to know more about these technologies, and learn how to maximise their benefits and to run more sustainably.

Renewable Energy Impact Assessment at an Industrial Estate (Cotech Sensitising Ltd)

Cotech Sensitising Ltd are a Tredegar-based company specialising in lighting and LED filter design and manufacturing. At their premises on the Tafarnaubach Industrial Estate, Cotech were looking to use renewable energy technologies to reduce their carbon footprint, reduce energy costs, and improve market competitiveness. To support these ambitions, SPECIFIC conducted a detailed renewable energy impact assessment using site energy data and quotations for on-site solar PV and battery installation provided by Cotech.

Capturing Waste Heat From Data Processors (Thermify)

Thermify are developing a technology to capture waste heat from data processors and use it to warm homes and heat hot water. Cloud computing generates heat as a by-product, which means even more electricity is needed to extract and vent the waste heat into the atmosphere.

Cross Hands Strategic Employment Site

SPECIFIC is working with the Active Building Centre (ABC), the Welsh Government and Carmarthenshire County Council to develop a new commercial and light industrial facility at Cross Hands that conforms to the Active Building design principles.