Our electrical energy storage team aims to provide ground-breaking research on building scale electrical storage systems for low carbon, Active Buildings.

The UK’s innovation landscape’s focus for electrical energy storage has been, and currently is, on portable batteries (mobile phone) and automotive. However, the requirements for building-scale storage systems are different and, as such, SPECIFIC and Swansea University aim to take technologies from their embryonic state to scale up through to advanced technological demonstrators. This will significantly shorten the path to the wide spread availability of self-sufficient, self-powered and off-grid buildings into the UK housing market.

SPECIFIC’s work in electrical storage includes the development of:

o   Novel manufacturing methods for both liquid and solid -state batteries utilising our state of the art coating and sintering equipment for processing at both coin cell scale and on 100 mm strip width roll to roll equipment.  Our focus is on sodium based chemistries but the techniques will be transferred to alternative chemistries in collaboration with other research groups.

o   TEA and LCA of energy storage technologies for grid and microgrid application

o    Novel EZ Steel Battery Chemistries

All research areas aim to benefit from each other’s advances and are complemented by studies into the integration and control of electrochemical storage into buildings, in particular Zn-Br flow cells.

Electrical Energy Storage Research Lead: Dr Jenny Baker

Walk through the facilities in our clean room at Swansea University.
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