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Joanna is a registered Architect, currently employed as a Design Manager at SPECIFIC Innovation and Knowledge Centre, Swansea University.  Here she uses her 13 years’ experience as a Project Architect in commercial practice, to support the design and delivery of Active Building projects. 

In her role to assist the team in driving forward new technologies from research through to commercialisation, she designed, and project managed our two building demonstrator projects – the Active Classroom (2016) and the Active Office (2018).  These buildings demonstrate the Active Building concept developed at SPECIFIC, using both novel and commercially available technologies, and were delivered collaboratively with construction partners.   

Her current role involves leading national and international activities on the architectural design of novel next generation demonstrator buildings which capture, store and release energy.  In addition, she is developing an Active Building Toolkit as part of a Professional Doctorate in Sustainable Built Environment (D.SBE) which she commenced in April 2017; delivering CPD workshops for Architects and Engineers; developing training material on Active Buildings for installers and architectural students; and supporting Active Building projects with partners.  This includes designing an Active Classroom for rural villages in India, supporting the SUNRISE project at Swansea University.


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Twitter: @joanna_r_clarke
Linkedin: Joanna (Morgan) Clarke
Joanna’s blog page: Active Architecture

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