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Thermoelectrics Energy Capture Research Team

Dr Matthew Burton
Technology Transfer Fellow

Academic Papers

Matthew joined SPECIFIC as a technology transfer fellow in 2017 to lead the research in thermoelectrics. Matthew’s research centres around materials development and some of his latest work can be seen in Advanced Materials, Advanced Energy Materials and the Journal of Materials Chemistry A.   

Highlights of his thermoelectric research include the record efficiency factor (ZT) for a printed thermoelectric material, developing tin selenide (SnSe) thermoelectric generators and developing efficient Earth Abundant and non-toxic printed thermoelectric materials. Matthew regularly presents his work at international conferences and was an invited speaker and session chair at the 2019 International Conference on Thermoelectrics.

Prior to joining SPECIFIC Matthew completed his PhD on “Soft-Templating of Nanostructured Materials for Thermoelectric Power Harvesting and Catalysis” at the University of Southampton. Matthew’s PhD work can be seen across 9 publications in 6 different journals. His master’s research was conducted at Merck on thermotropic liquid crystals.

Metal oxides and metal chalcogenides synthesis | ALD | Photovoltaics | Photocatalysts | Scale-up | Optical coatings
Areas of Interest
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